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EAW, QSC at record-breaking stadium

A match between Galatasaray SK and Fenerbahçe at the former’s new Türk Telekom Arena recorded an SPL of 131.76dB, gaining entry into the Guinness Book of Records as ‘loudest stadium in the world’.

A recent match between Galatasaray SK and Fenerbahçe at the former’s new Türk Telekom Arena recorded an SPL of 131.76dB, guaranteeing entry into the Guinness Book of Records as the ‘loudest stadium in the world’.

Acknowledging the need to overcome the considerable noise levels generated by the crowd at the 52,695-capacity venue, audio design company Asimetrik was enlisted to design a robust and long-lasting PA system. The project saw Asimetrik work in close cooperation with construction firm Varyap-Uzunlar and electrical infrastructure contractor Makro-Safir.

According to UEFA regulations, the sound system for the stadium needed to be able to generate an SPL of 105dB — however, Asimetrik managed to design the system with a greater capability extending towards 140dB. The company also designed headroom into the system for future expansion.

The resulting solution incorporates 46 weather-protected EAW MK Series enclosures, with MK 5366WP (60° x 60°), MK 5364WP (60° x 45°), and MK 5396WP (90° x 60°) dispersion patterns. The EAW speakers are arranged in pairs around the perimeter of the stands – one of each pair fires up into the top tier while the other points down into the lower tier. Speakers positioned in the areas behind the goal help even out the sound pressures.

“The solution we adopted was based on our observations of where the noisiest supporters were generally located at Galatasaray’s previous home, Ali Sami Yen Stadium. The EAW approach has proved completely justified,” said Asimetrik MD Mert Kiliççöte.

Power comes from DataPort-equipped QSC ISA and CX amplifiers, with the networked deployment featuring BASIS signal transport operating under Two IP-rated rack spaces each feature ten CX705 amps to drive the PA, with QSC BASIS 902zz processing handling network distribution.

“There are fibre optic converters in both racks feeding directly to the audio room, which is stationed in the north west corner of the stadium. There we have another BASIS 922uz processor where we make all the inputs to the system (four channels covering the North, South, East and West stands), fed from the main mixing desk,” said Asimetrik’s technical supervisor, Erçin Ural.

Speaker and tone processing facilities reside in the catwalk racks, and via the QSC environment it is possible to conduct full system monitoring, health-checks and diagnostics. BASIS also ‘links’ the main PA with the evacuation system covering the public concourse and ancillary areas, and to this end a further BASIS 922uz DSP is located in the south west corner of the stadium. By interfacing with the other PA system ‘brain’ signals can be routed to the respective zones system via the G+M Elektronik APS System to feed the 20 ISA-Ti 2-Channel 100V commercial amplifiers which drive this system.

Other features of the extensive AV technical spec include HD support for the broadcast/camera infrastructure, and the ability to control the whole building’s lighting automation from a single PC.