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Dynacord debuts five new products

The TS 400 array, PSD 215 and PSD 218 powered subwoofers, and PSE 215 and PSE 218 passive subwoofers make their debut in Frankfurt.

Dynacord is debuting five new products at this year’s Prolight + Sound.

The TS 400 is a compact, powerful, and versatile loudspeaker system for mobile applications and fixed installations. It can be used either full-range or in active two-way systems for applications requiring subwoofers. Vertical pattern control is essential if optimal sound quality and intelligibility are to be achieved in difficult acoustic environments. The TS 400 was designed to provide even and smooth coverage over a very wide bandwidth by using spaced and filtered woofers as array elements. The TS 400’s 2.5-way design places elements at both ends of the speaker column to maximise the distance between them, thereby ensuring that greater control over the low frequency range is retained. The MF- and HF-elements are placed in the middle of the column for a smooth transition between the different frequency areas and to achieve further control over the radiation pattern. Each group of elements has its own band-pass filter, to optimise the array’s performance and attenuation 90° off-axis while at the same time providing even coverage of the audience area front-to-rear, where the rate of attenuation is half that of an ‘unsteered’ cluster. The directivity of the array is such as to ensure the SPL falls off by only 3dB each time the distance doubles, compared with the 6dB of a conventional two-way system. 

The PSD 215 (1 x 15in) and PSD 218 (1 x 18in) are high powered active subwoofers. Each is equipped with an integrated two-channel power amplifier and 24-bit one-into-three DSP controller boasting 48-bit double-precision internal resolution. These powered subwoofers enable the uncomplicated construction of powered two-way systems by eliminating the need for external controllers and power amplifiers.

The PSD 215 reconciles minimum size with maximum acoustic output. Largely responsible for this is a 15in Electro-Voice DVX3159 woofer specially developed for use in compact subwoofers. Its larger brother, the PSD 218, is equipped with an 18in Electro-Voice DVX3180 long-excursion chassis and delivers the performance demanded of 18in subwoofers in professional concert sound applications. Both models are armed with a dual-channel Class D amplifier with a nominal output of 2 x 1,000W RMS into 4 ohms.

The PSE 215 and PSE 218 are the passive versions of the PSD subs but they share the same dimensions, transducer configurations, and acoustic characteristics as their powered cousins. They are designed to provide reinforcements for the active systems in larger venues.