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Draper Group opens UK offices

Previously, all SMART Board 600 series IWBs have been assembled and shipped from SMART’s main plant in Ottawa, Canada. In addition to improving EMEA customer service, the new arrangement wil also decrease SMART’s reliance on transatlantic shipping, thereby reducing its carbon footprint.

The collaboration with the Zollner Group emerges during a sustained period of growth for SMART in EMEA. According to Futuresource Consulting, approximately 210,000 IWBs were sold in the region in 2008, and SMART had a 45.4% product category share – nearly twice that of its nearest competitor.

“The Zollner Group has a tradition of working with some of the best leading-edge technology companies in the world,” commented CEO Johann Weber. “We are proud of forming this long-term relationship with SMART Technologies and look forward to helping SMART strengthen its leadership in the interactive whiteboard category.”

“Demand for SMART Board interactive whiteboards is increasing rapidly in EMEA because of the benefits to teaching, learning and presenting,” added SMART CEO Nancy Knowlton (pictured). “This arrangement with the Zollner Group to assemble our 600 series interactive whiteboards in the heart of the EMEA region means we can serve our EMEA customers in a more timely and efficient manner.”