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Draper fixes projection screen dowel skew

Draper protect projector screens with improved Euroscreen Seasame case sets, which allow the screen to recess and subsequently shield it from rough handling during transportation or installation.

Draper’s new upgrade to the Euroscreen Sesame recessed projection case sets out to deal with a long-standing problem confronting projection screen manufacturers.
 Rough handling during transport or installation in a ceiling that is not completely level can cause a projection screen’s viewing surface to slide slightly on the roller, skewing the bottom dowel. Sesame version 2.1 features an adjustable inner bracket on each side of the case that, says Draper, allows the problem to be addressed ‘once and for all’.
 The adjustable inner bracket enables fine-tuning of the bottom dowel to more precisely cover the opening gap in the case. This allows the Sesame 2.1 closure to rest perfectly flush with the ceiling when the screen is retracted up into the case.
 The Sesame case, available both as non-tensioned and tab-tensioned models, has been recognised on multiple occasions with industry awards for its innovative construction. It features a unique removable end-flange integrated with the case, and concealed drop function of the entire screen section.