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DMX and RDM mysteries unravelled at PLASA

Artistic Licence Engineering's courses on DMX and RDM occur regularly at the company's north London offices - but PLASA provided the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience.

Artistic Licence Engineering’s training seminar “DMX and RDM protocols – An Overview” was presented to a packed room as part of the PLASA Education and Training Programme on ‘Skills Wednesday’.

Delegates were taken step-by-step through the protocol communications by Artistic Licence Engineering’s R&D Manager, Tim Baarsch, providing them with a solid basis from which to use DMX and RDM with confidence.

Attended by a broad spectrum of designers, technicians and architects, the session covered the history and workings of DMX and RDM, with liberal input from delegates who were free to ask questions throughout.

The talks were interspersed with a number of mini workshops led by Baarsch, Sachira Withanage and Ptarmigan Integration’s Mike Clingman. These allowed delegates to experiment with the protocols and put the theories just learnt into practice. The group work also allowed sharing of ideas and gave delegates the opportunity to help and learn from each other.

“We had a wide range of knowledge levels and different end requirements within the group,” said one attendee, Christy Rock, a freelance technician from Ireland. “We are all dealing with complicated systems and are self-educated to a certain level to enable us to achieve what we want. However, the information, practical exercises and exchange of ideas from the seminar gave us the opportunity to learn beyond what we already know: to implement devices, identify problems and generally demystify the workings of DMX and RDM.”

“The delegates who attended the course had a wide variety of backgrounds and nationalities, suggesting that our knowledge is in great demand,” said Artistic Licence Engineering, managing director, Simon Hobday “PLASA gave us the opportunity to share this knowledge with a much broader audience than our regular UK courses can attract – something we would be definitely looking to repeat.”

Artistic Licence Engineering runs regular training courses at its head office in Harrow, North London. More information and available dates on current courses on DMX, RDM, DALI and Art-Net, can be found on its web site.