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AVIXA Women’s Council hosts sustainability event

The open event exploring multiple aspects of "sustainability in the AV market", supported by PPDS, is at Flux Innovation Lounge, Greenwich Design District, London on July 17

On Wednesday 17th July 2024, the AVIXA Women’s Council will host a live event exploring the topic of “sustainability in the AV market”, supported by PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips Professional Displays. The event will be at the Flux Innovation Lounge, Greenwich Design District, London.

A panel of experts will give a first-hand view on how to navigate the often confusing world of technical trade-offs and specifications that make choosing a sustainable solution so complex. They will provide an overview of key considerations, and how to make comparisons, as well as how to best make decisions now that will support your installation sustainability years into the future.

Siân Rees, director global business development solutions and partnerships at PPDS, said: “For PPDS, sustainability in AV has always been top of mind and part of our key global strategy in the way we design, manufacture, distribute and EOL our Philips Professional Displays and solutions. But also, for me personally, sustainability is a social goal for people to co-exist on our planet for the long-term, and gender equality is an important part of this.”

She continued: “Supporting women in AV and DE&I is critical to create an environment for innovation and long-term success at any company. That’s why I’m delighted that the AVIXA Women’s Council UK is focusing on both together and taking a holistic approach. I started my career 25 years ago in very male-dominated teams with little to no diversity and am now building teams of my own, educating them how to understand the power of fostering diversity and acceptance and how it improves not only the work environment but also productivity.”

Siân Rees will be joined by Stella Pasalidou, senior energy and sustainability consultant and team manager at Carbonxgen, and Jess James, founding director at JAW Sustainability. The panel will provide an open forum for discussion around how to make conscious decisions and take concerted action towards sustainability and equality, key topics for manufacturers, integrators and the wider AV community. Experts will highlight some global organisations playing a part in this drive, such as SAVe – Sustainability in AV.

The event takes place from 3pm to 7pm, 17 July 2024, at Flux Innovation Lounge, Soames Walk London SE10 0BN. The event is free-to-attend and open to professionals across all aspects of the AV industry. After the panel, there will be refreshments with the opportunity to network with peers and make new connections. To register, click here.

The AVIXA Women’s Council UK welcomes anyone to become a member of the group. For more information and videos on past events, click here.