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Smode Tech partners with Creative Alchemy in the UK for SMODE

Smode Tech will grow its presence in the UK's world-leading live entertainment market in partnership with Creative Alchemy

Smode Tech, best known for its powerful real-time compositing and media server platform, SMODE, has announced a new partnership to grow its market presence in the UK.

Creative Alchemy, a specialist consultancy working in 3D real-time media server workflows and virtual production, will lead SMODE’s brand awareness, education and product distribution from London as Smode UK.

“SMODE is starting to gain traction in a number of markets in the UK,” said Creative Alchemy director and Smode UK rep Shannon Harvey. “With companies such as Art Department and Boxcat using SMODE for concert tours including Westlife, Lost Frequencies and Don Broco. In addition, SMODE is being used for fixed-installation projects and immersive rooms such as VMI Studio in Oval in London.”

Smode UK’s Serena Bliss and Shannon Harvey at ISE 2023

Francis Maes, CEO of Smode Tech, added: “With interest in SMODE technology still growing, there has never been a better time to take advantage of the UK’s status as ‘a reference country for live shows’ by growing awareness of the SMODE brand among the world’s leading events and entertainment companies based there. By establishing a presence in the UK market, we believe that we can help these companies to take their live shows and events to the next level by offering cutting-edge technology that enables real-time 3D compositing, animation and interactive design.”

Maes also praises the UK’s “strategic location”, where it “can act as a gateway to the USA market”, a key growth market for SMODE. “By establishing a strong presence in the UK, we believe that we can tap into this market and help to drive further growth for our business,” Maes added

Based in London, Creative Alchemy was founded in 2020 by Shannon Harvey and Serena Bliss, who have over 20 years’ combined experience in live events, concert touring, TV, theatre, museums, installations, corporate events and TV virtual production. Most recently, Harvey and Bliss worked for Lux Machina Consulting on two projects for Apple TV, Silo and Hijack.

“Representing SMODE to the UK market fits with our core ethos: to educate and support creative practices by introducing the latest real-time technologies to the market,” commented Harvey, who has previously worked as a creative technologist, educator, researcher and consultant for clients including Johnny Walker, Jaguar, Helena Fischer, Louis Vuitton, Renault Sport, Singleton, Heineken and Avenged Sevenfold. “SMODE offers an alternative to other platforms on the market. With a commercially competitive and technically powerful solution that designers and creatives are looking for as their workflows evolve, we believe that it offers the best value and creative options for the market; this is why Creative Alchemy is supporting the product and using it in our creative practice.”

In the short term, Smode UK will focus on building awareness of the SMODE platform technology in the UK market, establishing relationships with key clients, identifying potential opportunities, and delivering bespoke solutions to clients’ specific needs. “In the long term, we see the UK as a key growth market for SMODE, and we are committed to investing in this market to ensure that we continue to deliver the highest quality solutions to our clients,” said Maes.

In particular, Harvey highlighted the training and awareness initiatives that have been critical to building excitement around the product among designers and specifiers, as well as in-house rental and integration services, over the past year. “We have made collaborative relationships to gain exposure and support early adopters, but will over the next six months seek to support those relationships with better support, training and product availability through supply-chain channel partners,” he concluded.