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displayLED launches The Pixel Depot

The new showroom from displayLED will provide an opportunity for customers to see exactly what LED product the company has to offer, and how they can be used in diverse applications.

displayLED has officially launched the Pixel Depot, a state-of-the art showroom at its base in Surrey, which features a wide variety of the latest in innovative LED displays.

The new showroom enables customers – such as architects, retail designers and theatre specialists – to test an array of LED displays with varying pixel pitches to determine what is best for a specific application.

Real-to-life demonstrations at the facility include the application of the company’s digiFLEX – an LED tile that bends to a surface and features a range of video display options – which forms part of the vibrant mock entertainment set up with the tile wrapped around a grand piano and the base of a stage.

The development of LED technology and its transition into more diverse markets were major factors in the thinking behind the showroom, says displayLED founder and CEO Graham Burgess.

“We believe there is a need to provide a facility that can both educate end users with no previous LED experience and provide industry experts and designers with a facility that allows them to test content and experiment with varying applications. The Pixel Depot aims to provide this environment,” commented Burgess.

Other products on display include solid LED modules and tiles, creative displays, mesh curtain products, video controllers, content management software and an LED dance floor. All of these are sourced from China, where the company employs engineers and has contacts within the LED market.

“Sourcing direct from China can be a minefield. Prices and specifications can vary enormously and many buyers don’t understand why. We do! Our highly qualified team can help you navigate options from all the potential suppliers in China and the Far East. We have offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen and our team understand LED and speak the local languages. We also have experienced European engineers who can help with design and ensure the product quality is what it needs to be,” finished Burgess.

The company has arranged meetings and tours to coincide with PLASA so its customers have the opportunity to attend both showcases. In addition the company is offering 24-hour showroom appointments for last-minute screen requirements.