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Datavideo converts and distributes

Taipei-headquartered Datavideo's mission is to bring 'innovative solutions for digital video at affordable prices'.

Taipei-headquartered Datavideo’s mission is to bring ‘innovative solutions for digital video at affordable prices’.

Among Datavideo’s latest products is a newly available converter. The DAC-8 converts HD/SD-SDI to HDMI, enabling the use of traditional and affordable LCD and plasma televisions as well as video projectors for broadcast video monitoring.

The company says that, with the DAC-8, it is now easy to connect HDMI displays to SDI based equipment by simply running a low cost SDI cable to the projector or television screen. Audio is also passed through.

A companion product is the DAC-9 HDMI to HD/SD-SDI converter, which Datavideo says allows system installers to distribute HDMI over long distances – up to 200m – without compromising on quality, and making it easy for users to connect the small DV/HDV – HDMI output cameras and players that are available for live production by converting the HDMI output to SDI or HDSDI.

The Datavideo DAC-9 also embeds the audio from HDMI into the SDI signal so only one single low cost cable is needed. It has one HDMI input and two SDI outputs for SD and HD, and supports a broad range of input formats. To distribute the SDI/HD-SDI signal, Datavideo also provides a VP-445 four-way HD/SD SDI distribution amplifier.