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Dataton integrates with Merging Technologies at ISE

Dataton and Merging Technologies will be presenting an all-in-one video playback and audio production system at ISE 2012, featuring technology from the companies' WATCHOUT and Ovation systems.

Merging Technologies and Dataton AB will integrate technologies to present an all-in-one video playback and audio production unit at this year’s ISE.

The showpiece will combine features from Dataton’s WATCHOUT – a video playback and sequencing tool – and Merging Technologies’ Ovation – a ‘revolutionary’ media server and sequencer – to deliver what is said to be a vastly improved creative tool for users.

The technology partnership, which will be on display at both manufacturers’ stands, will provide a cohesive workflow paradigm when operating both systems on a show. The primary stage will see the Dataton timelines including a new Ovation control object, which can be placed as any other object in Dataton can. The object will provide Fire, Stop, Select, Dim, and other commands directly to the Ovation system over a standard TCP/IP connection.

“We are looking forward to working with Merging, bringing the benefits of this technical cooperation to both WATCHOUT and Ovation users,” said Fredrik Svahnberg, Dataton’s marketing director.

“We’ve seen a rapid rise in requirements for more advanced audio solutions in typical visual applications, and we know that there is already a demand for tight integration between our WATCHOUT multi-display system and Merging’s Ovation Sound Server.”

This collaboration is considered to be an initial phase of a continuing relationship between the two manufacturers, and users of both products can expect to see more and more integration occurring in the future.