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Da-Lite Dual Vision screen reformulated

Projection fabric manufacturer Da-Lite surpasses previous Dual Vision screen fabric to create enhanced viewing for varying audiences

Dual Vision, the multi-application projection fabric from Da-Lite, is now available with a viewing half angle of 65° as an upgrade to the previous 50°.

The new product is said to be ideal for video projection under controlled light conditions, with a wide viewing cone and light grey tint for improved contrast. The latest offering will allow each seat in an audience an observation of a uniform, sharp image with no colour shift, and will make the screen surace applicable to a wide range of projector applications, with sizes up to 16ft in height.

‘Although Dual Vision has been a standard surface for many years, we are continually improving our projection screen through better chemistry and listening to the market,’ said Wendy Long, vice president of marketing, Da-Lite.