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CUK to work on behalf of Work

Described as the “exciting new face” of beyerdynamic GB, POLAR audio hopes to overturn some of the misconceptions that attached themselves to its former incarnation.

“beyerdynamic GB Ltd has always been an independent company, not a subsidiary, but as such it has conducted its operation as a distributor very much in the image of beyerdynamic Germany,” said managing director John Midgley. “This of course has had huge advantages, but in many ways it has coloured our image and led to some inaccurate perceptions of who we are as a company today.”

In depicting the company’s changing customer profile, Midgley noted that, having drawn much of its work from the MI retail and broadcast recording markets five years ago, these sectors now accounted for only 40% of its business. “By far our largest and fastest-growing segment is the installation market, accounting for 60% of our turnover,” he said.

The full POLAR audio exclusive UK distribution portfolio comprises ASL, Aviom, beyerdynamic, Biamp, Blue Sky, Cue, Dynacord, Gallien Krueger, MC2 Audio/XTA, Novasonar, Renkus-Heinz and WHD.