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CT and PSCo create videowall for Unilever

Unilever's annual senior management conference benefited from a videowall backdrop that used 61 plasma screens supplied and installed by Creative Technology and PSCo.

A huge videowall built using 61 Infinite Plasma 4250 screens was the centrepiece at Unilever’s annual senior management conference, which was held at Twickenham Stadium, the home of English rugby. Creative Technology (CT) and event organiser Goose Communications worked closely together with the help of PSCo.

Goose Communications approached CT to work with them to create an impressive, visually innovative presentation environment for this prestigious gathering. The videowall is the largest formation of Infinite Plasmas to be built for a UK event, split across nine separate clusters, designed to work as one screen. A giant 6×6 screen formation formed the centrepiece to the display.

“Unilever as a client are constantly looking to push the boundaries in event production and work with the latest technologies, as they do in all aspects of their business,” said Goose Communications project manager Charlie Alger. “We wanted the audience to experience a new and exciting format, something that would wow the audience and inspire them for the challenges ahead”.

The content for the screen was created by Goose’s software producer Rehana Khan with Creative Technology’s Watchout programmer Paul Rayski .

“The Orion Infinite Plasma 4250R was selected for the job to offer high resolution images that could maintain a uniform aesthetic,” said Graham Miller of CT. “The content we created, programmed as one large pixel space, was then split into nine parts which corresponded to each cluster of screens. Using Watchout, each cluster was then connected to its own computer, and the outputs for each allowed the highest possible resolution. We also connected three of the screens to Spyder to allow us to switch the screens between the generated media and live camera feeds or video playback”

“Goose Communications came to us with a very clear and quite ambitious creative vision for this event,” continued Miller. “It was a really exciting and challenging project to get involved with. We managed the technical production of both the conference and the following gala dinner. We brought in PSCo to manage the complex videowall installation. It was a key element in this production, and I wanted to work with a supplier that I could trust would do a great job, working within our team to the high standards expected by such a key client.”

“CT worked with Black Out to plan and build a large truss structure to hold the screens, which amounted to over 2 tonnes of plasma,” said PSCo’s project manager Andy Turner. “One of the huge advantages of the Infinite Plasma is the tiny seam gap, creating high impact, seamless images, but this does require the very precise placement of each screen in situ. The set was built in pieces, and we had to work with the set builders and riggers to ensure everyone was working to the same exact specifications. The screens had to be accurately placed down to the millimetre, and pixel perfect in order to view the incredible content created by CT. Our technical team has the in-depth product knowledge and expertise to build a videowall of this scale within the tight turnaround times of a live event.”

CT also managed the main presentation area, numerous break-out rooms around Twickenham and the evening’s gala dinner, cameras throughout the venue and all back-up infrastructure.