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CreateLED presents its range of indoor, outdoor LED displays

The AirLED-7 is a fully waterproof (IP65-rated) LED display with a brightness of higher than 5000 nits, making it suitable for outdoor applications. For indoor applications, the company has designed the AirLED-5 Black Body, which is silent in operation thanks to a fanless design.

The Ultra AirLED-7 from CreateLED is a fully waterproof (IP65-rated) LED display with a brightness higher than 5000 nits – which the company says makes it readable even in bright sunlight – and a 7.8mm pixel pitch, giving it over 16,000 pixels per square metre. This resolution is said to make it suitable for close-up viewing, while viewing angle is 160º.

The AirLED-5 Black Body features a pixel pitch of 5.2mm, with each 250mm square module delivering 96×96 pixels/panel resolution. Its fanless design means that it is silent in operation. Light output is 1200 nits, and contrast ratio is up to 4,000:1. It is designed for indoor applications.

Lastly, the AirLED Floor Display features a transparent cabinet design and 6mm x 6mm interlayer tempered glass, allowing it to be walked (and danced!) upon.

Stand: 8-M200