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Covid to showcase Field Terminated HDMI Connector

Covid believes it has the answer to the problems associated with the limited choice of available HDMI cable lengths.

HDMI has rapidly become the connection technology of choice when it comes to delivering optimum image quality to screens. A further attraction is that HDMI cable can carry not only video signals, but also audio and data.
However, installing HDMI cabling has historically proven difficult, because HDMI cables were purchased pre-terminated. This limited choice in terms of cable length, often resulting in the need to hide excess cable – but perhaps more importantly, it made installing HDMI cable in conduit almost impossible.

Exhibitor Covid believes it has the answer with its new Field Terminated HDMI Connector which allows bulk cable to be run to the desired length, easily pulled through conduit – and then terminated on-site. The process is said to take only minutes, and is achieved without stripping wires or the use of solder. According to Covid, optimal signal strength at 1080p resolution is maintained at distances up to 50 feet.

Covid offers not only its HDMI Hand Tool, but also bulk HDMI cable and the EX-HDMI-1X1 extender for longer cable runs.

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