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Connect with BTX at ISE

BTX will be highlighting two key products at ISE - the MaxBlox Solderless Termination System and the ProBlox-D All-in-One Connector System.

BTX will be highlighting two key products at ISE in less than a month’s time. First of these is the MaxBlox Solderless Termination System featuring a patented design that the company says is better, faster, and stronger than anything else on the market. According to the company, MaxBlox dramatically reduces installation time and cost by eliminating the need for soldering or crimping; the sled-type bottom allows these connectors to slide, snap, and lock into the patent-pending MaxBlox CD-MX915H hood for a secure cable-mount connection. The MaxBlox family includes HD15, DB9, S-video, and 3.5-mm connectors, and now the new BTX-MXRCA screw-terminating RCA panel mount connector. The BTX-MXRCA requires only a strip tool and a screwdriver, and when used alongside BTX’s other solderless connectors, labour time is said to be greatly reduced.

Also on show is BTX’s ProBlox-D All-in-One Connector System (pictured), which is described as the AV industry’s first to incorporate multiple data, HD video, audio, and control signals in a single connector. The system contains two Cat 5e connectors along with 16 HD video and 18 audio and control contacts — all field-terminatable. The addition of the Cat 5e components takes advantage of all the signals, including HDMI, DVI, and VGA, that can now effectively be run over one or two Cat 5e cables. The ProBlox-D connector system is claimed to simplify setup for AV applications in classrooms, houses of worship, conference rooms, or any setting where multiple signals of different formats need to be delivered to a single connection point. In addition to saving installers time during setup, BTX says that ProBlox-D also provides non-technical users, such as teachers or pastors, with the ability to hook up to a podium without the need for technical assistance.