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Concert provides the focus for Steinway Lyngdorf

Steinway Lyngdorf will showcase its newly launched Model LS Concert speaker as part of high-level home theatre set-up worth nearly €500,000 at ISE 2013.

A high-level home theatre set-up worth nearly €500,000, on show in demo room E108, will showcase Steinway Lyngdorf’s newly launched Model LS Concert speaker which is 2.6m tall and 40cm wide. Created as an open-baffle dipole line source without a conventional cabinet, the new Model LS Concert speaker combines the open-baffle technology from the company’s Model D and the line source technology from the existing Model LS. The company explains that the line source construction offers equal volume levels and audio quality across the room and very low distortion and power compression. As the individual drivers operate far below their power limit, dynamic headroom is retained even at extremely high sound pressure levels. The system on show will be powered by Steinway Lyngdorf’s fully digital Model A1 amplifiers and a Model P1 surround sound processor, which uses the company’s RoomPerfect 3-dimensional room adaptation technology. Stand: 11P62