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ClearOne encoder, decoder designed for IP networks

ClearOne launches new digital AV decoder and encoder to be used on IP networks.

ClearOne has launched the MLAV9500 Digital AV Encoder and View VL9300 Digital AV Decoder. HD video and audio content will be carried over IP-based networks using ClearOne’s StreamNet technology, enabling installers to design numerous digital sources and displays for AV and signage networks. The MLA encoder makes source component content available on the StreamNet network, while the View VL9300 Decoder allows access to the content via any digital display or AV network, even when using a different signal format than the source. Both the MLAV9500 and VL9300 use the DVI connector for DVI, DVI-D and HDMI devices ensuring versatility for different HDMI standards. A DVI-to-HDMI dongle is provided for connecting the new view components to an HDMI source or playback device. Both the decoder and encoder can be rack or wall mounted, with the VL9300 decoder designed to be attached directly to any HDTV or monitor with a VESA mount. The VL9300 also provides audio output, and I/O connectors for infrared, RS-232 and GPIO applications.