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CIE-Group launches online training channel is a new online training channel from distributor CIE-Group aimed at installers and end users to extend knowledge and education in AV technology to a wider audience. We went along to the launch event on Thursday (25 June), ahead of the channel’s official launch in July, to find out what content will feature and the reasons for launching a new online training channel.

“Over recent years, at CIE-Group we have seen a huge increase in appetite for training and knowledge in the audio visual market,” said Chris Edwards, marketing director at CIE-Group. “We have experienced this in reaction to the free AV training academies we have run across the country. In order to extend this resource to as many professionals and end users as possible, we have enthusiastically backed the launch of this free, non-biased and, most significantly, non-sales based training via a library of online videocasts.

“Content is aimed at professional AV integrators, home entertainment system end users, plus every level of experience and knowledge in between. A key point to highlight is that the information remains absolutely neutral and impartial – we won’t be selling products and we won’t be promoting brands. It’s simply about answering all those technology questions when and where you need the answers, for example, on-site and available on your smartphone or mobile device.”

Although backed by CIE-Group the platform is open to manufacturers from across the industry with the aim to create an ‘AV community.’ The videos will present advice on common technical issues, installation advice and technology tutorials.

A selection of the first subjects covered includes advice on HDBaseT and AV signal distribution, integrating Audio-over-IP with analogue systems, and information about the new USB version 3.1 and Type C connectors hitting the market right now. The content for the non-professional audience will address questions on HDCP errors, AV signal conversion and HDMI faultfinding. Other examples of some of the first videocasts will include understanding the differences between Power-over-Ethernet and Power-over-Cable, wireless inductive charging, EDID, CEC and near-field communication, as well as tutorials for audio technologies such as 100V line, PA and sound masking.

Prior to the launch 50 videos had already been uploaded to the channel, and the HowToAV team aim to have 150 videos uploaded by the end of the year, which should see a wide range of topics covered.

Edwards is keen to point out that while content so far has come from CIE-Group’s core team, the model will grow: “We’ll be inviting experts from a wide range of AV and technology sectors to advise and present even more subjects and reporting from some of the best industry training seminars. And most importantly, we’ll be inviting our viewers to tell us what they need to know and then providing answers in future videocasts.”