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Chroma-Q refreshes Color Block

Chroma-Q has launched the new Color Block Plus Replacement Engine for the Color Block DB4 LED fixture, providing a cost-effective upgrade for the widely used fixture.

Chroma-Q has launched the new Color Block Plus Replacement Engine for the Color Block DB4 LED fixture, enabling, says the company, rental companies and other users to gain an even greater return on their investment in this still widely used fixture.

Designed to be fitted by authorised Chroma-Q service agents, the Color Block Plus Replacement Engine is said to provide a cost-effective alternative to replacing the whole Color Block DB4 fixture.

The Color Block Plus Replacement Engine utilises latest generation LED and optics, resulting in over two and a half times the output (750 lumens) of the original Color Block DB4 (290 lumens) when the internal switch is set to full power.

For maximum convenience, it also features a Color Block DB4 emulation mode, to simulate the lumen output of the original LED engine when used alongside other first generation fixtures.

London-based hire company White Light are one of the first customers to take advantage of the Color Block Plus Replacement Engine, placing an order for over 200 units to upgrade their extensive hire stock of Color Block DB4 fixtures.

“White Light have been stocking the Color Block DB4 since its launch in 2004,” said White Light hire & technical director, David Isherwood. “We invested in the fixture due to its flexibility and broad appeal with designers across many of our diverse markets. Our fixtures have been out on everything from school work, through corporate event and conference work, and onto West End theatre. The LED product is still in demand despite being six years old, but is – understandably – starting to show its age in terms of reliability and performance when compared with modern LEDs. The chance to revitalise it and offer a familiar tool to designers, that also held its own alongside other current LED products, was therefore worth taking.”