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Christie announces major Chinese digital cinema project

Notifier by Honeywell has extensive experience in the development of specialist VA/PA solutions and employs Ateis equipment in its range of VA/PA systems. Designed to meet Network Rail’s precise requirements, the system allows effective communication of passenger information as well as controlled evacuation in the event of an incident.

Outside the UK, Ateis products have also been installed on railway networks in countries including France and Switzerland.

“We are so pleased with this landmark approval from Network Rail and we understand that this is only the first step to our ongoing recognition in the UK rail industry,” said Ateis UK’s managing director, Neil Voce. “We’re keen to identify the right partners to put our products into practice! The success of both our traditional PA/VA and IP-based long line systems is now down to competing in the market. And we’re confident we can achieve this goal.”

Notifier by Honeywell’s MD, John Brandwood (pictured here, left, with Voce, Network Rail’s Terry Fowler and Notifier by Honeywell’s Richard Hill), added: “The results of the strategic partnership between Ateis and Notifier by Honeywell continue to gain momentum. Following the success of the Shepherd’s Bush pilot, Network Rail’s approval demonstrates the excellence and flexibility of Ateis equipment and the expertise that the Notifier by Honeywell ESD network offers in the provision of integrated PA/VA communications and safety systems.”

Surveying wider current developments in the UK install market, Voce told II: “For install, technology hasn’t ground to a halt because of the recession, but new products are fewer and further between and reductions in marketing have meant that firms are relying on their own customers to promote the messages themselves rather than going for big budget advertising splurges. Convergence technologies are definitely still the in-thing and the way to promote them has been to offer the customer reduced overall budget in return for spending a little more money on the new product which covers more ground (taking from other kit budget) and requires less individual install (taking from install budget). Our UAPG2 [DSP audio matrix] has been strong this year for this reason. We think our IP-based PA and intercom will be strong next year for the same reason.”