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Bucks New Uni using Midas systems for training

Midas Klark Teknik has presented Bucks New University with wall plaques to acknowledge their relationship and joint efforts to tailor courses to the audio industry.

Midas Siena and Verona consoles, plus Klark Teknik equipment including Square ONE Dynamics and Graphics units, are being used for live sound modules in the university’s BA (Hons) Audio & Music Production and Music & Live Event Management courses. The university has a 500-capacity venue for which students book bands, promote concerts, and provide sound and lighting expertise. The Midas/KT equipment allows them to experience a real-world set-up.

The university has also embarked with Midas/KT on a series of master classes which are increasingly focusing on digital technology. Workshops are being planned for 18 and 25 January 2011 for second year students that will look at both analogue and digital technology, and will employ a Midas PRO6 to make a digital/analogue comparison. There are also plans to involve staff including Midas director of console development Alex Cooper.

“We want to look at topics such as the philosophy of audio and how you listen, and that ties in with Midas, who are getting more and more involved in the syllabus,” said the university’s head of applied production and new media, Frazer Mackenzie, pictured here receiving the plaques from Midas/KT’s John Oakley (left) and Alex Cooper. “Our courses also aim to reflect issues like networking and DSP processing which are ever-evolving.”

Midas/KT is impressed by the extensive remit of the Bucks New University training. “Lots of other courses I’ve come across have an academic, theoretical approach, and I felt there was a severe lack of practical background in education,” says Midas Klark Teknik’s technical sales manager Jason Kelly. “Graduates were getting out into the real world and hitting a brick wall. We are confident that with some industry input, certain students leaving Bucks New University will be a good fit for companies such as Midas Klark Teknik as well as for the wider live production industry.”