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Braehler completes Digimic system

The digital wired system now offers voting and interpreting functionality.

The digital wired Digimic system family made by Brähler ICS has new components enabling simultaneous interpreting functionality such as a floor channel and seven language channels.

A PowerPoint plug-in module for the voting system is available. It offers easy handling and the full range of graphic options. The system works with Windows 7 under 32 or 64 bit. 

Several enhancements have been made: the unit’s supporting menu is now extended by simultaneous interpreting menus, a channel selector, and even voting settings. An OLED display is incorporated into the CMic CSV delegate unit and offers five multi-function keys which are used for voting procedures or for channel selector adjustments such as channel selection and volume control. 

The display is light sensitive and reacts to ambient light – bright ambient light produces a high backlight and dark ambient light produces a low backlight. The language channel is displayed in the delegate’s home language or in English.

The discussion part works with different microphone operation modes – one is the voice activation for hands-free operation. Also for court rooms is a special voice activation mode available; when it is activated a ‘noise’ signal is sent to a specific output on the central control unit (DCen) resulting in an existing audio signal being replaced. This feature is important when a particular dialogue is intended to be confidential. 

The interpreter unit DDol is provided, with largely the same feature set as the tried and tested DOLV unit from the sophisticated CDSVAN digital system. It is already very well-known from a lot of high-ranking meetings such as conferences of the G8, the UN and the EU. The system is PC-independent and is easily set up via simple menu adjustments. 

For smaller conferences the DIGIMIC mini central controls up to 75 delegate units. The mini is a table top unit with separate Audio In- and Outputs. It is provided as discussion and wired voting system with LAN connection for external or remote control.