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Bluman Associates and The Big Screen: Part II

For many in their late teens, the most recent - and last - Harry Potter movie represents the end of an era. Multitudes of fans flocked to London for the premiere, and were able to follow events on a large screen in Trafalgar Square.

Visuals-for-events specialist Bluman Associates provided and managed the giant high definition screen, which formed part of the ambitious West Design and Production (WD&P) design that wowed a crowd of thousands in London’s famous Trafalgar Square. The screen was used on the day of the movie’s premiere to showcase a specially cut trailer of the last ever Harry Potter film – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II along with live camera footage from the event.

“This was a huge event and the screen formed a crucial part of our design concept,” said event designer and producer for the world premiere Lucy Smail . “The screen added an extra dimension to the event and we were delighted with the impact it had. Excerpts and trailers from the Harry Potter film, specially put together by Edit Poole, looked great on the huge screen which seemed to go up in no time at all!”

“We used a single 100sqm truck mounted screen – supplied by ADi TV – which displayed live High Definition feeds from cameras strategically positioned around the square alongside a specially cut HD trailer,” said Pod Bluman, managing director of Bluman Associates. “After the screen was set-up, WP&D contractors built a large stage to host live interviews, along with a goalpost structure which framed it.”

Despite heavy rain, the Potter fans, many of whom have grown up alongside the Potter stars, excitedly waited for the arrival of their heroes, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe. The actors then spent three hours signing autographs as they worked their way along the longest red carpet in history, which ran 1.2km between the Trafalgar Square stage and Leicester Square screening cinema

”It was a spectacular event that was televised around the world,” said Bluman. “As part of what was a much bigger production, designed and managed by Lucy and her team at WD&P, our job was to ensure that the outdoor visuals reflected the high production values of the film itself. It’s an honour to have worked for WD&P on the premiere of this iconic film, and in such a world famous location as Trafalgar Square.”

It’s not the first time Bluman Associates has been involved with the young wizard. At the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1, Bluman Associates erected two huge screens which entertained Potter fans in Leicester Square with specially made trailers and camera footage.