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Birmingham hire company adds A&H’s Xone:S2 mixer to its stock

C-nario provided the players and management systems for all of the screens in the public areas of the Arena, including 12 cylinder-shaped LED screens (outdoors); one large outdoor LED in the entrance Piaza; nine indoor Philips Candeo LED screens in different pixel pitches; two indoor LED screens (25 and 70sq m); six indoor cylinder-shaped rotating LED screens from DynaScan; and more than 300 true HD LCD screens.

Content is prepared and sent from the C-nario Master station, located in the Arena control room. C-nario also controls live video feeds, lighting elements and other devices in the O2 Arena.

“Running Europe’s largest ever single-site LED screen installation at the world’s most popular music venue required a proven and stable technology solution,” commented Tom Mudd, broadcast manager at the O2 Arena. “The Philips/C-nario turnkey package that was installed and commissioned during 2007 has proved to be just that. While the venue has played host to some of the most historic musical events of the century to date, millions of visitors to The O2 have had their experience enhanced by the many and varied forms of digital signage, display and playback used throughout the venue. All of this has been made possible by the backbone of C-nario players and IP networking integrated throughout the site.”

Regarding the DIGI Awards – which are presented by the Digital Signage Group – C-nario’s vice-president of marketing, Rami Bahar, commented: “We are very proud and pleased to received this award, a mark of recognition for the excellence that sets our technology apart. The installation’s top quality playback devices, capable of supporting a wide range of resolutions, synchronised video streams and unique cylindrical displays, highlight the creativity and dynamism C-nario’s technology brings to displays at the O2.”