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Big screens bite back: new research reveals big jump for pro display sales

PMA’s Professional Flat Panel Display Americas Market Census also shows that in the Americas, LCD has taken a commanding lead over plasma, with a 60% unit share.

“Recently, we have seen noticeable ‘leakage’ of consumer products into professional applications, so it is good to see this healthy growth in the professional product segment,” says Rosemary Abowd, Vice President with Pacific Media. “Most of the growth in the professional product sales has been in the 30- to 34-inch size segment, both in the United States and elsewhere in the Americas. A large portion of this results from the sale of LCD products into hospitality applications, especially for in-room entertainment.”

Unit sales for professional products in the Americas rose 51% over the first quarter of 2006, but while plasma sales have declined 11% year on year, LCD sales grew 178%. Taking the US sales alone, LCD unit sales were up 190% year on year.