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Biamp Systems to file appeal in intellectual property case

The new station – which is programmed by Swiss content provider DMD2 and hosted by StreamGuys – will also serve as a test channel for Audio over IP applications, providing new Barix customers in entertainment, broadcast, retail or other markets with a continuous stream to test the delivery of live audio over the internet or an autonomous network.

Johannes G Rietschel, CEO and founder of Barix AG, told II: “Barix Radio is an interesting detour to the typical product news in our industry in that it is an actual service from a product vendor, and that service is free to anyone who wishes to access the stream. In addition to providing entertainment, it is an ideal test platform for new Barix customers as they prepare to deploy our Audio over IP products in a variety of applications from online broadcasting to in-store media delivery. Once deployed, Barix Radio can be used as a primary or backup audio source as it is always online and streaming. Likewise, customers and consumers who simply enjoy the mix can listen at home or on the road.”

Future shipments of Barix Exstreamer IP decoders (such as the Extstreamer 110, pictured) will include a pre-configured Barix Radio URL that will automatically commence streaming once connected to the internet.