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Biamp receives Frost & Sullivan audio conferencing award

Biamp Systems has received the 2015 Global Installed Audio Conferencing Enabling Technology Leadership Award by industry analyst firm Frost & Sullivan. The honour was presented on March 10 during the awards gala in San Diego.

“Biamp’s ability to innovate has been paramount in the company becoming the key technology enabler within the installed audio conferencing market,” said Vaishno Devi, senior research analyst, Frost & Sullivan. “The company’s focus on interoperability and industry-leading product development, and its strong partner base, has bolstered its positioning in the industry. Because of its strong overall performance, we are proud to recognise Biamp with our 2015 Enabling Technology Leadership Award.”

“We are excited to be recognised by Frost & Sullivan as a leader in conferencing technology,” said Steve Metzger, president and CEO for Biamp Systems. “The conferencing user experience continues to evolve, and we look forward to bringing feature-rich, useful, and interesting new solutions to our customers as it does.”