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Biamp commits to Energy Star

Jose de Castro from the Polytechnic’s School for the Arts initiated the training for staff to gain more up-to-date knowledge of how to operate the system which includes two grandMA ultra-light consoles, a grandMA video media server, an MA NSP and more than 216 dimmer channels.

The system is split into two venues, one of which is designed to be a virtual TV studio, and another bigger TV studio including a complete rigging system. Both venues are used to teach the students essentials skills in lighting, lighting design and productions

MA Lighting brought in freelance expert Low Wee Cheng to provide an introduction into programming the consoles and using the various functions of the grandMA 3D visualiser software, the grandMA video media server and of the dimMA compact.

“grandMA video raised quite a few eyebrows when people realised how easy it is to actually use,” said de Castro. “To give everybody a chance to operate the boards, two more consoles were brought in with a couple of grandMA onPC systems connected all via network.”

The Polytechnic can cater to up to 13,000 students in various faculties. The MA Lighting system solution was offered and installed by MA Lighting’s local Partner Desisti Asia.