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Barix expands Extreamer audio decoder range

The Extreamer 205 is Barix's latest addition to its Extreamer IP audio decoder range, and come upgraded with a line-level stereo input that allows an audio source, such as an iPod, to be connected directly to the device.

Barix is introducing its new Extreamer 205 to its already established range of Extreamer IP audio decoders.

Like its predecessor, the Extreamer 200, the 205 features a built-in 2x25w amplifier. However, the improved model includes a line-level stereo input to connect an audio source, such as an iPod, directly to the device.

Barix says this new feature makes the product ideal for use in zoned audio systems streaming background music and other audio content to multiple points. As a result, Extreamer 205’s target markets include department stores, hotels, clubs, restaurants, and worship facilities.

A local audio source can be plugged into Extreamer 205 at any time, which will interrupt the main audio stream. The manufacturer claims that businesses operating digital signage systems will also benefit from adding the product to out-of-home networks, allowing operators to establish a general stream for the entire network, with the flexibility to interrupt the stream and play out local audio content at any location.

The Extreamer 205 also features a MicroSD slot, which the manufacturer says enhances content protection in comparison to the USB socket used on previous models. The unit decodes and plays most recognised multi-protocol and multi-format audio streams, and volume and channel selection is controllable via an IR remote control and built-in IR receiver.
Stand: 2.E70