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Barco, RGB support autism charity

Autism Independent UK is the UK's leading charity for training and information for people with autism, and distributor RGB Communications and Barco have teamed up to provide it with a projector.

Barco and UK AV distributor RGB Communications have announced that Barco’s RLM-W6 projector is now supporting the activities of Autism Independent UK. The UK’s leading charity for training and information for people with autism will use the projector to add visual power to its training courses.

It is estimated that 110 in every 1,000 people worldwide has been diagnosed with autism. Charity organization Autism Independent UK is a non-medical advice and information centre for professionals, caregivers and parents who are working with and caring for people with autism. As part of its activities, the charity organises various training courses and workshops throughout the year.

“Our training courses attract a constantly growing number of attendees. To make the presentations perfectly visible to every trainee in the room, we really needed a powerful yet small projector,” said Keith Lovett from Autism Independent UK. “Thanks to the support of Barco, their partner RGB Communications, and fundraiser Vision Charity, we were able to purchase Barco’s RLM-W6 to reinforce our training sessions.”

“The RLM-W6 turned out to be the ideal solution to our problem,” continued Lovett. “We used the unit for the first time last month for an audience of 250 trainees with the room fully lit, and the projector was still more than bright enough to show all content in excellent quality to the people in the last row. Even more, this projector is so silent that we didn’t notice it was in the room, so everyone could focus their attention solely on the speaker.”

The RLM-W6 is a three-chip DLP projector with WUXGA (1,920×1,200) resolution. Providing a light output of 6,000 lumens, Barco says that it is ideal for auditoriums and similar large rooms to ensure presentations are clearly visible from the first to the last row. In addition, according to the company, the RLM-W6 consumes 33% less power than comparable projectors and is 10 times quieter than its nearest competitors.