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Barco announces British Museum partnership at UK Day 2012

A new sponsorship agreement between Barco and its UK Day 2012 host venue, the British Museum, reinforces a seven-year-old partnership between the pair.

Barco’s UK Workshop Day 2012, held at the British Museum on Tuesday 12 December, saw the Belgium-based company provide full hands on demonstrations of its HD and RLM projector ranges and the latest image processing products, as well as evidencing the capabilities of its ClickShare meeting room solution.

Integrators, consultants and end users were invited to view five of the company’s latest projectors at the centuries-old building, including the HDF-W26 and HDQ-2K40 projectors.

The museum recently invested in Barco’s RLM-W12, RLM-W8 and HDX-W18 projectors – which were also demoed during the day-long event – as part of a new sponsorship agreement.

The new Barco projectors were installed in the lower floor of the museum at the Clore Education Centre, which houses two theatres that are used for lectures, conferences, concerts and other performances.

“By purchasing three different projector types, we can offer our diverse audiences the image quality to meet their needs,” said Chris Power, head of AV at the British Museum.

And it was in one of the theatres (the Stevenson Lecture Theatre) that Barco provided morning and afternoon presentations on the latest Barco projectors and image processing products to those attending the Barco UK Day.

During the presentations, the capabilities of the company’s ClickShare meeting room solution were also demonstrated. Each Barco presenter plugged the one-button USB device into their own laptop and, once clicked, images from their desktop were instantly projected onto the screen.

Following the sessions, groups were invited to demos of the projectors, which were on display in the lobby outside the theatres. Alexis Skatchkoff, product manger for projectors, Barco, discussed the five different models in depth and demonstrated the modularity capabilities of the HD Series – specifically the HDF-W26 and HDX-W18. Among other benefits, this type of build feature enables the projector to have separate power supplies for its lamp and projector engine; separate optical access; and an isolated compartment for the liquid-cooled engine. This allows parts to be replaced singularly, effectively simplifying maintenance and potentially prolonging the life of the projector.

For some years now Barco has provided the equipment necessary to display high-quality images at the museum, with the pair’s partnership dating back to 2005, when Barco SLM-10 projectors were specified for the same education centre.

“The British Museum is committed to continually improving the equipment used on site,” continued Power. “So we recently started searching for projectors that would deliver unequalled picture quality in different AV spaces and open up the door to 3D. Our testing showed that Barco products provided the best fit, both technically speaking – picture quality, ergonomics, lamp life and reliability – and in the field of after-sales support.”