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Barco 3D LED video wall stands out

Barco showcased its OLS 3D LED videowall at ISE 2012.

The OLS 3D LED video wall from Barco is claimed to be a flexible, space-saving and cost-effective combination of its OL series with active 3D stereo technology. It is designed for the control room and simulation markets.

“It was a logical choice to build further on the proven benefits of the OL series,” said Peter Baumgärtner, Barco’s product manager for video walls. “This range uses the latest LED rear-projection technology to optimise image quality, while Sense6 auto-calibration guarantees colour and brightness uniformity over the entire wall. Plus, its unique liquid cooling system ensures more than five years of worry-free operation in 24/7 mode. A wide range of additional innovative features – including LED redundancy and fully motorised adjustments – minimise installation and maintenance efforts.” The wall should consume 30% less electricity thanks to smart power management, says the manufacturer.

 “For control rooms, the ease of switching between mono and stereo mode allows the 3D to be integrated into existing video wall applications,” said Baumgärtner. “It is even possible to share mono and stereo mode in the same display area, making the OLS a great solution for video walls with an occasional need to show 3D. In the simulation market, OLS is a flexible, space-saving and cost-effective alternative to existing high-end multi-projector solutions,”

The product offers 1920×1080 resolution, with active shutter glasses, synchronised by an IR emitter, producing colour-neutral imaging and no ghosting, says Barco.
The OLS modules have a narrow footprint (less than 450mm for the 50in version – there is also a 70in). A front-access version, the OLSF, reduces the space needed even further.
Stand: 11H65