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AWE looking for partners at ISE

UK distributor AWE will be at ISE for the first time in 2011, and will be taking the opportunity to actively seek European distribution partners for its Kinetik Labs brand.

UK distributor AWE will be at ISE for the first time in 2011, and will be featuring its own Kinetik Labs brand. The company says that the UK success of the brand leads it to believe that it can succeed in other countries, and is therefore using ISE to actively seek European distribution partners.

The Kinetik Labs range of KLIR Infra Red (IR) distribution products features interference-free IR receiver kits, including the KLIR-SM1KIT surface-mount kit and a recess-mount version, the KLIR-RM1KIT. These kits are designed to extend the communication between an IR remote control and AV equipment such as. Blu-ray players, Sky boxes, amplifiesr and so on, which can be in a different room or hidden location. What sets them apart, according to AWE, is the fact they are designed with European market in mind and offer ultra reliable and affordable control, with everything that is needed, such as flexible emitter covers, in the box.

The KISP range of in-ceiling speakers is designed to complement the portfolios of established premium speaker brands. It features three lines, with models from the “E” Essential and “P” Premium ranges available from launch and “C” Contractor series to follow.

The KLIB range of flat panel wall brackets will be launched at ISE, including the KLIB-WB80A that features the ability to hinge up the screen for easy access to connections on the back panel. 

Alongside Kinetik Labs, DF Solutions will be exhibiting its range of integrated entertainment systems, which AWE exclusively distributes in the UK. Again, ISE will be the setting for DF Solutions to increase its network of European distribution partners.

The DF Solutions range includes the Base media server, which is fully enabled for Blu Ray disc playback and multi-room HD distribution. The company says that it is the most affordable custom built media server on the market with full Blu-ray compatibility that also aggregates online and stored content through a single interface.

Also part of the DF Solutions range is the Sonix Multiroom Audio Server – a new, entry-level multiroom product which the company says meets the demand for a versatile, affordable server. Featuring a 320GB HDD, the unit can serve up to three completely independent audio zones and offers full integration with multiple LAN-based NAS storage and network sharing devices.