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AVnu Alliance unveils new certification logo

The AVnu Alliance, dedicated to bringing AVnu-certified Audio Video Bridging (AVB) products to the pro AV market, has unveiled its new certification mark to be branded on all compliant products.

AVnu Alliance, the industry forum dedicated to bringing AVnu-certified Audio Video Bridging (AVB) products to the market, has unveiled a certification mark.

Devices that have passed AVnu Alliance interoperability testing to become an AVnu-certified AVB product will now feature the new logo. It is intended to assure that once a product is certified, it will interoperate with other AVnu-certified AVB devices.

To facilitate certifying AVB devices for interoperability, AVnu Alliance will provide its more than 40 members with a rich set of tools to test AVB devices and troubleshoot problems before entering the formal testing procedures.

Software scripts are being offered to these manufacturers to help accelerate their development of AVB products in preparation of final interoperability testing.

In addition, AVnu Alliance are regularly hosting plugfests where products are tested in a collaborative multi-vendor environment.

“AVnu-certified AVB devices offer manufacturers and their customers numerous practical advantages over legacy and proprietary solutions in streaming A/V content,” said Lee Minich, marketing chair for AVnu Alliance. “Only AVB products bearing the AVnu certification mark give end-users the confidence that a device passed robust compliance and interoperability testing in a multi-vendor environment.”

Earlier this year, the AVnu Alliance named the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) as the official test house. Testing of AVB-enabled bridges is planned to begin in August 2012. For professional audio endpoint products, the testing process is planned to begin in Q1 of 2013.