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Audipack enables quick, easy deployment of Mitsubishi screen

Netherlands company Audipack has designed an innovative solution that combines transportation with ground support to make set up quicker and easier.

Visitors arriving at this year’s ISE show from the RAI station entrance were greeted by a unique standalone LED display, featuring a Mitsubishi Electric Resolia LED screen and rapid installation staging system. Designed and built by Netherlands firm Audipack, the clever housing combines the functions of a transit system and ground support in a single unit, enabling the Resolia screen to be deployed quickly and easily in hire applications or in semi-permanent installations in public spaces like railway stations.

Audipack’s business is the provision of support architecture for audio-visual equipment, transportation systems and custom hardware. Commissioned by German company Thomas Reitz Multimedia to devise a way of transporting and deploying its Mitsubishi Resolia LED screens, Audipack came up with its novel “Liftomatic” system – a wheeled two-segment framework incorporating a built-in dual telescopic hoist. The Liftomatic allows the Mitsubishi screen to be handled in two compact units, easily transportable by road in compact vans or as air cargo.

In transit, the two halves of the screen and lift unit are protected by Audipack flightcases. After removing the flightcases on site, the two sections are easily connected and the assembled screen lifted into presentation position, up to 1.65m high. The system is very quick to deploy and a very effective, high-performance display that’s ideal for exhibitions or digital signage applications. The lifting system ensures the rear of the Resolia remains fully accessible for connection and maintenance, and the overall finish is very neat and presentable.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Resolia is a compact LED screen based on the company’s IDT4 Black Package technology. The high-contrast, high brightness screen delivers images of exceptional quality, visible in full daylight, making it ideal for advertising or corporate applications. In its Rental version, the 1.8m x 3.1m screen is just 200mm deep, making it extremely versatile. Resolia employs true 4mm pitch 3-in-1 SMD LEDs, giving it an excellent resolution and wide viewing angles, while the Black Package LED technology delivers extremely good contrast levels and vibrant colours.