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Audio Technica to take on exclusive distribution of AD-Systems’ PA products

While two fixtures are positioned on the front of the circle (for cross fills/cloth spills), two are situated on booms for faces and spot light. A further two each are positioned on two main stage lighting bars.

In terms of real energy consumption, the FINE LED moving heads have reportedly saved the theatre in excess of 2000Kw/hrs across two months.

“The lights are now a part of our default lighting rig, which all the touring companies use whilst in the theatre,” commented Mackrill. “There’s no manual colour change or head repositioning now, and no gels to burn out so shows are far quicker to set up. We save so much time and it shows in the quality of light work – the extra time on plotting has improved the overall output ten-fold.”

Fine Art Professional managing director Rob Owen told II: “The [fixtures] are well-priced, low-powered and they are very bright for what they are. For the size and weight of these fixtures, they certainly pack a punch!”