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Audio-Technica Europe to distribute Symetrix in Turkey

DSP specialist Symetrix has been added to Audio-Technica Europe’s (ATE) distribution portfolio for Turkey.

Digital signal processing specialist Symetrix has been added to Audio-Technica Europe’s (ATE) distribution portfolio for Turkey as both companies seek to strengthen their presence across the country’s professional installation sector. ATE plans to showcase the brand at an event in Istanbul in late November, with a roadshow of Turkish cities to follow shortly thereafter.

Onur Esame joined ATE as business development manager, Turkey, in January 2014 as part of the company’s move to enhance its market coverage and connections with systems integrators. Operating out of a new liaison office in Istanbul, Esame and team have spent much of the year actively searching for new brand partnerships – a process of research that led them to US-based DSP pioneer Symetrix.

“We became aware that Symetrix would be a perfect fit to support our existing product range, especially in the installation business,” said Esame. “A one-day training session organised by Symetrix in August confirmed our belief that the brand would be a fantastic addition to the roster.”

Of course, there are already significant connections between Audio-Technica and Symetrix – most pertinently in terms of Symetrix’ upcoming software release, SymNet Composer 3.0, which will deliver integration of Audio-Technica’s Dante-capable ATND971 microphone into the DSP range. In fact, Esame expects the new link-up to deliver a boost for the adoption of Dante per se throughout Turkey.

“Dante – and for that matter CobraNet and AVB – is still developing in terms of its use in the Turkish market,” he explained. “It is therefore our conviction that the most effective way to increase sales of networking-capable solutions is to keep everything as simple as possible. With SymNet Composer 3.0 supporting our Dante mics, Symetrix DSPs will help systems integrators a lot with more straightforward installations.”

Sophisticated ARC-WEB browser-based control capability and ready-to-use design templates are among the other features of the Symetrix range that are expected to endear it to Turkish systems integrators. Accessible price-points will also be advantageous as the country maintains a far-reaching programme of modernisation on the way to expected European Union membership during the next ten years.

“Turkey is a strongly price-driven market with, at this point, relatively few people educated in audio,” said Esame. “Price effectiveness and ease of use are therefore important considerations, and we believe that these qualities can be found in abundance in the full range of Symetrix processors, including Jupiter, the line of fixed architecture, app-based DSPs, and Radius AEC, the award-winning low-latency conference DSP.”

A Symetrix product showcase is scheduled to take place in ATE’s Istanbul office from 26 to 28 November, while a two-week roadshow – set to visit at least half-a-dozen of Turkey’s major cities – will follow once all demonstration and catalogue translation set-up are complete.

Mark Ullrich, international sales manager at Symetrix, commented: “Audio-Technica Europe has really hit the ground running when it comes to Symetrix in Turkey, and their views on the potential for quality, cost-efficient DSPs coincide precisely with those of Symetrix. Working together over the months and years ahead, we have no doubt that we can dramatically increase Symetrix’ profile throughout the country’s rapidly growing SI community.”