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Arup assists with ‘brain’-like Singapore complex

The partnership has already yielded a new line of products, the JKP Affinity Screens (example pictured). The first products in the new range were premiered at this year’s CEDIA Expo and incorporate HD Progressive proprietary fabrics.

Joe Kane, president of JKP, told II: “As we get nearer to CES 2009, our anticipation grows for the launch of this new projection screen technology. I challenged Da-Lite to develop a new projection screen technology that would meet the demands of broadcast post-production facilities and home cinemas. They answered with the first HD projection screen that brings out the exquisite detail and fidelity of the new 1080p DLP projectors. I’d like to invite the visitors from the UK to our premiere showing at the Da-Lite HD Theater so they can judge the results for themselves.”

“With the HD Progressive screen fabrics, we have the first materials designed to deliver the next generation of HD digital projector images,” added Blake Brubaker, vice president of Da-Lite Sales. “We are extremely pleased to launch the JKP Affinity Screens using these break-through projection screens.”