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Analog Way extends Soft Edge Blending range

Manufacturer of presentation switchers and image converters Analog Way is debuting a new edge blending solution at InfoComm 2012. The company is also showcasing an enhanced version of the Smart Edge.

French-based company Analog Way is introducing its new Smart Edge FX and an upgraded version of the Smart Edge at InfoComm 2012. Smart Edge FX is a new addition to Analog Way’s Edge Blending solutions. It offers up to twelve inputs, including four fitted with 3G/HD/SD-SDI and two fitted with HDCP compliant DVI. The device outputs digital and analog signals in DVI, RGB, and offers a Video Output card providing SD or HD-TV formats in various signals from Composite Video to HD-SDI.
 The FX can display up to four layers including one logo, one frame, and two live layers customizable by the user. The product allows the display of up to two PIPs on a still background, or one PIP on a live background. Seamless transitions are available as well as a variety of visuals effects which can be combined during transitions such as dynamic PIP, flying, zooming and cropping PIP.
 Multi-Screen Edge Blending can be achieved by linking up to three Smart Edge FX units, resulting in a panoramic image with two, four, or even six video-projectors, either horizontally or vertically, without any loss of synchronization.The upgraded Smart Edge adds the ability to display one PIP on a frame background with ‘true seamless transitions’. Moreover, multi-Screen Edge Blending can be achieved by linking up to three Smart Edge units, resulting in panoramic image with two, four, or even six video projectors without any loss of synchronization.