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AMX European training role for Graeme Scott

The new Midas console – the third to be sold into the theatre market by Midas Consoles Benelux – oversees De Flint’s entire digital audio multicore system, including in/out boxes running Klark Teknik’s SuperMAC (AES50) protocol.

“The Midas PRO6 proved by far the easiest digital console to work with as well as being the best-sounding one around,” commented the theatre’s chief technical director, Klaas Spoelstra, pictured here (second from left) with colleagues Sjoerd Wierda, Jan Schreduer and Ruud Lamers. “Our audio engineers were impressed from the moment they saw the PRO6, and compared to other digital consoles out there they described the PRO6 as being in a league of its own.”

II was told that overall sales of the PRO6 system have now passed the 200 mark.