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Alcorn McBride announces change to European distribution arrangements

Working in conjunction with Sn_hetta, Arup is assisting the development of a main flexible performance space with facilities for dance and movement, and an inventory of large studios for rehearsals, workshops and production development.

“We are excited to be leading the venue planning and design for the theatre and choreographic centre,” David Taylor, leader, performing arts sector Americas at Arup, told II. “Arup has a long history of working on sustainable developments in the arts. By working closely with the buildings’ users and stakeholders from the outset, and understanding how their creative work develops and thrives we can be sure that the building will be used effectively right from the start and throughout its life.”

“We’re delighted Arup is working with us on the Ashland Center,” commented Katie Dixon, capital projects coordinator for the BAM Cultural District at the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership. “We have already begun a programming phase with the arts organisations that will potentially tenant the building and Arup has been doing an exceptional job leading this initial work that will be a crucial foundation for the design phases. Arup brings unique expertise to the theatre planning aspect of this project and we look forward to working with the team.”

Specific individuals working on the project include David Taylor and acoustician Joe Solway. The site is due to open in early 2010, with more than 38 weeks of ‘performance programming’ presented by NYC-based cultural organisations set to follow.

Picture Credit: studioMDA / Behnisch Architects, rendering by ESKQ