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QUESTRA delivers powerful design & management for networked audio systems

Now available for use with Adam Hall’s LD Systems IPA amplifiers, the QUESTRA software provides versatile design & management capabilities such as pre-configuration and remote monitoring.

Encompassing a diverse selection of products from dedicated loudspeaker solutions to power amplifiers and wireless systems, the LD Systems range from Adam Hall is an established and popular choice for applications including touring, events and integrated systems. Now in what is set to provide a further boost to the brand’s appeal to the integration market, in particular, Adam Hall has announced the introduction of QUESTRA; a ‘software brain’ that makes planning, designing, configuring and managing a project more straightforward.

Ivan Klepac, field application engineer for integrated systems, LD Systems at Adam Hall, comments: “The primary idea with QUESTRA was that we wanted to offer a management software that would allow customers to easily manage and configure the LD Systems’ DSP devices themselves. We had noticed during the pandemic period that more people from the pro-audio industry were becoming involved in installation projects, so the main idea here was to develop a software platform that would be intuitive and easy to use for ALL audio professionals, regardless of their previous professional experience.”

Therefore, QUESTRA enables access to the full DSP capabilities of LD Systems’ audio installation devices, making it possible to configure audio networks of any size and manage/control every device from a single application. The software also incorporates an editor to create custom user panels for remote control that can be operated from Windows computers or any Android or iOS portable device.

Reducing the project development time is another benefit of the QUESTRA platform, which allows users to configure devices and design user interfaces offline before the physical installation takes place. “The pre-configuration capabilities make it easier to review the final design with your customer before the work gets underway,” remarks Klepac. “It also means that you can save time when arriving on-site as you simply deploy the design that you have previously completed off-line. That also frees up capacity to fine-tune the system at the end of the installation.”

Accessibility and ease of use are firmly embedded into the new platform. Hence some of its other capabilities include the chance to create users, assign specific roles and limit access to certain functions, guaranteeing that critical network settings cannot be adjusted unintentionally. Moreover, with easy remote access to the audio network, the installation can be monitored and maintained from any location, at any time.

At present, the QUESTRA software is available for deployment with the IPA 4-channel DSP amplifiers (IPA 424 T and IPA 412 T) when they have been installed with one of two optional expansion cards. Whilst the XECI expansion card enables only communication between IPA and QUESTRA for the configuration of the amplifier, the XEDAI card sports the same Ethernet port but adds 4x Dante I/O channels.

The four-channel IPA series amplifiers are aimed primarily at small-to-medium sized install environments, including restaurants, conference rooms and retail outlets. But the forthcoming ability to use QUESTRA with other LD Systems products, as well as third-party devices, will further expand the reach of the new platform throughout the installation market.

“Third-party control integration is something that we are working on now,” confirms Klepac. “This is only the first stage of our plans for QUESTRA, and we are very excited about its future.”

Adam Hall is currently hiring new personnel for its integrated systems business; for more information about these opportunities, please visit Vacancies | Adam Hall Group. More information about QUESTRA and other products can be found at LD Systems.