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A walk across the rooftops for d&b

The eye-catching Capitole Roof Top Bar - one of Beirut's most popular venues - has been been equipped with a d&b audiotechnik system featuring E8 and E0 loudspeakers, along with a single E15X-SUB.

The eye-catching Capitole Roof Top Bar in Beirut has been equipped with a d&b audiotechnik loudspeaker system.

Described as one of the Lebanese capital city’s most vibrant nocturnal venues, the Capitole Roof Top Bar required a high quality audio system that could handle changing usage patterns through the evening and would not pose a disturbance to nearby residents.

To find the most suitable solution, Capitole enlisted local sound specialist Seebeck Audio, whose director, Youssef Aoun, drew up a specification comprising d&b E8s, E0s and a single E15X-SUB.

“We arrange the Capitole in two sections,” commented venue co-owner Samer Rizk. “In one area we want typical high levels where music is core; in the other people want to be able to talk and talk comfortably. Youssef has managed the design so we achieve both things very well, even though the Capitole is totally open air so there are no high walls between the two areas. The d&b system performs very well; sound quality is the best.

“Originally I asked Youssef not to put in any subwoofers because of this open environment; he persuaded me to put in just one and this has proved perfect; we run it at levels where we get the sound but not the vibration, my customers are very happy.

“Since Youssef installed the new system we have had zero problems with the local authorities about noise pollution. It is good to know you are satisfying people inside and out.”

Aoun is also satisfied with the solution. “The true coverage pattern from the d&b loudspeakers helped so much to give the sound environment Mr Rizk and his partner Carlos Esseily wanted,” he said. “This is one of Beirut’s top class bars, I would say the best, and the people who come here want very specific quality sound, and not to be blasted by some over enthusiastic DJ who just wants to turn things up very high.”