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A-T hails roadshow success

Said by Lab.gruppen to establish “a new benchmark for power density in commercial audio amplifiers”, the C-Series – originally introduced in late 2005 – is tailored to installation applications and offers a wide range of power outputs, from 125W to 1,700W per channel. Eight products strong, the C Series comprises the C 68:4 (4×1,700W at 2 ohms); C 48:4 (4×1,200W), C 28:4 (4x700W), C 16:4 (4x 400W), C 20:8X (8x250W), C10:8X (8x125W), C 10:4X (4x250W) and C 5:4X (4x125W). Cited strengths of the C Series include high power output from lightweight units and low heat operation.

Dolci (pictured) has high hopes for the C Series across the Swiss market. “I expect the four- and eight-channel C Series products to be very successful in the installation market,” he said, adding that he also expects to register brisk business with the PLM 1000Q amplifier.

“We have had a good market already in Switzerland, but I believe that with Giovanni on board and having more direct contact with the market there is reason to have high expectations for the future,” said Lab.gruppen’s international sales manager, Claus Behrens. “Getting direct feedback from the market is very important, and I will have that with Giovanni.”

For his part, Dolci has undoubtedly formulated an ambitious growth plan. “I am expecting within the next two years to double the turnover of Lab.gruppen in Switzerland,” he said.