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5,000 miles and 103 inches: Panasonic to haul its giant plasma across Europe

Panasonic has designed a specially branded and tailored showliner truck from which the company’s national distributors can demonstrate the features and benefits of the display – as well as its show-stopping image quality. Panasonic UK distributor PSCo invited guests and dealers to experience the full 1080p HD technology for themselves on 6 June, before the truck departed for Germany where AV Lang will continue with this leg of the tour.

The super-size 103-inch plasma display is equivalent in size to four 50-inch Panasonic plasmas, and has been installed into the back of the truck alongside models from the new 10 Series of professional PDPs, including a new 58-inch screen. These models are all set up to demonstrate digital-signage applications such as touchpanel interaction and PC connectivity.

Commenting on the tour, Aimi Sellars, Panasonic European Marketing Executive, says: “This roadshow will further strengthen Panasonic’s dealer relationships, demonstrating our commitment to providing displays with quality, performance and features that meet the widest range of professional applications. As a growing demand for larger screens and higher picture quality is apparent, it is important that dealers are aware of and fully educated in the products they are selling. This type of event is ideal as both an education tool and first-hand experience for our dealers.”

Panasonic says it hopes the tour will reach dealers and retailers all over Europe, providing an understanding of exactly how far technology has moved forward and the extent to which applications have progressed. Italy, France, Spain, Denmark, Norway and Belgium are the other countries the truck will visit on its 10-week odyssey, arriving back in the UK early August.