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15,000 new Barco point-of-care smart terminals for UK NHS hospitals

Barco has supplied the units to the world's leading provider of point-of-care systems, Hospedia, as the medical specialist completes its programme to renew its entire estate of systems in the UK's National Health Service.

Barco has announced the delivery of 15,000 point-of-care smart terminals to Hospedia as part of the latter’s programme to renew its entire estate of systems in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) hospitals.

As the roll-out has progressed, Hospedia, which is the world’s leading provider of bedside in healthcare Point-of-Care systems, has increased the range of applications available on the T3 terminals supplied by Barco. The Hospedia Electronic Meal Ordering system has been designed to realise the benefits of electronic ordering by leveraging the best in class menu/food ordering from Datasym, combined with Hospedia’s unique patient bedside presence.

Hospedian commercial and media director, Ben Packman, commented: “In the current economic climate, the pressure on hospitals to reduce costs is significant; the need to combine this with improved patient experience and outcome challenges even the most effective hospital management teams. The Barco JAO bedside terminals combined with Hospedia’s world leading software are proving absolutely central to delivering these conflicting objectives.”

He continued, “We are proud to have renewed 15,000 terminals since our engagement with Barco started in 2010. We are currently renewing about 1,000 terminals per month.”

The company is also delivering, via the terminals, healthcare information directly to the patient’s bedside, providing accurate and verified information on hundreds of health conditions in partnership with NHS Choices. Furthermore, the most recent addition to the suite of services that Hospedia has developed is a facility enabling hospitals to meet the new requirement to monitor success and track performance by asking a standardised Net Promoter question to all patients at their point of discharge. The Hospedia solution provides weekly and monthly reports broken down to a ward level with the associated Net Promoter Score ready for submission to authorities – as endorsed by the UK Nursing Quality Care Forum and the Prime Minister in May 2012.

Warren Kressinger-Dunn, VP of Barco healthcare Point-of-Care commented: “We are delighted to be involved in this major renewal project of the NHS, the combination of our smart terminals and Hospedia’s Point-of-Care software is making a huge impact, increasing efficiency, improving patient stay and ultimately saving cost”.

Karen James, COO, University Hospital of South Manchester, said: “Having our applications on a managed bedside device simply makes sense – using the Hospedia terminal we’ve saved valuable investment funds. In addition the benefits seen by the delivery of clinical information directly where it matters most – at the point of care – will be experienced by both Patients and Clinical Staff within the Trust.”

Christine Pope, retail & patient catering manager, Serco LG&C Division, Derriford Hospital, who was one of the first to introduce meal ordering using the Hospedia terminals, added, “I am already seeing the benefits of it; the staff seem to love it as they can complete the whole ward in 20 minutes whereas on the old system it took them over an hour.”

Twenty-one UK NHS Hospitals now enjoy the benefits of the Hospedia T3 bedside systems provided with Barco JAO bedside terminals, including Addenbrookes, Epsom General, Royal Oldham, Whiston, Eastbourne, Chesterfield, Broomfield, Carlisle Infirmary, Castle Hill, Bournemouth General, Good Hope, St Helier, Hope, Solihull, Birmingham Heartlands, Southampton, Royal Devon & Exeter, Wythenshawe Hospital, Salisbury and Manchester Royal Infirmary. Northampton Hospital, an entirely new hospital for Hospedia, has also been equipped with the new units. The agreement between Hospedia and Barco (then JAOtech) started in 2010.