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PSNI announces ‘Best Places to Work in AV – Worldwide Award’

PSNI Global Alliance's sixth annual ‘Best Places to Work in AV – Worldwide 2022’ awards selected ClarkPowell (US) and GBG (Romania), following PSNI’s annual Employee Engagement Survey which revealed that 75 percent of AV employees worldwide said they would go ‘above and beyond’ for their employer

PSNI Global Alliance, the network technology integrators and service providers, has  announced the winners of its sixth ‘Best Places to Work in AV – Worldwide Award’ for 2022. ClarkPowell (US) and GBG (Romania) were chosen following PSNI’s annual Employee Engagement Survey, distributed among its 100+ Certified Solution Providers (CSPs).

Sent to the employees of PSNI’s Certified Solution Provider (CSP) network (located in 58 countries and across six continents), the survey allowed employees to anonymously and confidentially respond to a series of questions related to their experiences with their current employer. Questions included engagement within the network, identifying work attributes that are most responsible for driving employee engagement, and understanding employee perceptions in areas such as leadership, work relationships, culture, growth, and opportunity.

ClarkPowell, claimed the accolade for companies with over 50 employees

After independent analysis, North Carolina-based ClarkPowell, claimed the accolade for companies with over 50 employees, while Bucharest-based GBC claimed the award in the under 50 employees category, with both firms exceeding key employee-performance metrics.

“We are thrilled and honoured to receive this incredible award, which is a testimony to the hard work and devotion from our valued team,” said Susan Clark Pinch, president at ClarkPowell. “ClarkPowell is a team of audiovisual industry veterans who have designed and integrated thousands of AV solutions. Since being founded in 1983, not a single employee has ever been laid off, and we invest significantly in research and continuing education of our team to ensure we are up to date with the latest technologies and remain specialists in our industry. This award is recognition that we are doing this right but, as with all aspects of our business, we will always strive to do better.”

George BOBOC, managing director at GBC added: “To have a successful business you need a successful team, and we take immense pride in ensuring our teams have the necessary tools they require to not only carry out their work duties successfully, but enjoy what they do, also.

“GBC is the market leader in Romania in the segment of distribution and integration of audio-video solutions, having strategic partnerships with many manufacturers renowned in the field and this can only be achieved by creating the right culture. We’re immensely proud of our team and thrilled to have been named as one of Best Places to Work in AV in 2022.”

The results of the PSNI survey showed continued positivity among overall job satisfaction within the AV industry, with PSNI’s annual reports helping CSPs to build a workplace where employees feel valued and confident that managers and leadership will support their professional development. 

GBC claimed the award in the under 50 employees category

This year, the result showed that just over 7 in 10 employees are confident in their company’s senior leaders and feel valued at the CSP company. This is an important and highly consistent key driver attribute. Almost 9 in 10 employees say they like the type of work they do for the company, feel the work is meaningful, know what is expected of them, and feel challenged by their jobs. 

In addition, the results showed that 47 percent of respondents ‘strongly agreed’ to the question of whether they would recommend the company they worked for, while 75 percent said they would go ‘above and beyond’ for their employer.

Discussing the results, Chris Miller, executive director of PSNI Global Alliance said while progress continues to be made, he warned that it remains vitally important that senior leaders in companies take on board both the positives and negatives of the results, with communication a key driver: “Regardless of the type of engagement survey used, the biggest mistake I see is that senior leadership does not follow through on the survey results with the employees. 

“They need to know they were heard and that their feedback will make a difference.  It’s also important that employers celebrate the strengths and recognise the areas of improvement, while creating action plans with teams that include employees, which benefits everyone.”

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