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Apantac announces latest product innovations

Ahead of InfoComm, the DA-HDTV-Dante-Tx-UHD is a 16-channel multi-codec audio HDMI converter tailored for Dante applications; whilst the OG-KVM-IP Tx-UHD is a 4K@60 KVM over IP solution, designed to be integrated into an openGear rack installation

Apantac has announced two product innovations, set for showcasing at this year’s InfoComm. The first new development is the DA-HDTV-Dante-Tx-UHD,  the 16-channel multi-codec audio HDMI converter tailored for Dante applications. Designed to meet the demands of modern audiovisual environments, this converter bridges HDMI signals to Dante audio. The second innovation is the latest advancement in KVM technology, OG-KVM-IP Tx-UHD is a 4K@60 KVM over IP solution, designed to be integrated into an openGear rack installation.

The DA-HDTV-DANTE-Tx-UHD is a standalone box that converts HDMI 2.0 signals to 16 channels of Dante audio, allowing compatibility across various audio eco systems. It  supports a wide range of codecs, including Dolby ATMOS, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, Dolby Surround and passes through Dolby Vision (pass through), DTS/DTS:X (including IMAX Enhanced), MPEG-4 AAC,  MPEG-H, SONY 360RA, and Auro-3D.

The HDMI 2.0 input is compatible with devices such as media players, gaming consoles, set-top boxes  and more.

Meanwhile, the OG-KVM-IP Tx-UHD solution operates on a distributed architecture, eliminating the need for a central KVM server. The Apantac KVM management software seamlessly operates on any PC within the IP network and once the system is configured, it remains operational without the software needing to be actively  running.

When used with the Apantac 4K@60 KVM receivers, operators can extend and/or switch HDMI video streams with visually lossless image quality and ultra-low latency (2 milli). It supports required control interfaces over IP, including keyboard and mouse functions, USB 2.0, including webcams, RS232, GPIO, and Infrared – all up to 120  meters over CAT5 cabling, or unlimited distances when connected to an IP network.

The OG-KVM-IP-UHD leverages Gigabit Ethernet and is designed for both retrofitting existing networks and  accommodating new installations, offering interfaces in both fiber and copper. Engineered with the Apantac visually lossless compression algorithm, this product enhances connectivity within an IP infrastructure. Whether facilities are upgrading an existing setup or implementing a new KVM over IP network, this solution is designed to streamline the process.

Apantac’s 4K KVM over IP solution allow operators to control multiple computers from multiple locations, and from a single control console.