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Zoom Torino shells out for Yamaha WORKproCA

Jo Ruddock 6 September 2012
Zoom Torino shells out for Yamaha WORKproCA

Yamaha amplifiers and WORKproCA loudspeakers have been installed in the visitor areas at Zoom Torino; a zoological park in the north-west of Italy dedicated to faithfully reproducing the habitat of exotic creatures. Making the animals’ enclosures as similar as possible to their native environments ensures their wellbeing, while also enriching the learning experience for human visitors. WORKproCA NEO 40i loudspeakers and Yamaha XH200 distribution power amplifiers deliver ambient recordings of the animals’ natural habitat, with additional educational commentary. “We chose the NEO 40i loudspeakers and XH200 amplifiers because we needed equipment that would be reliable, produce high quality sound and had a good price/quality ratio,” said Andrea Lobietti of Bologna-based Rokepo Srl, who designed the system. “The client is very happy with the system, which provides visitors with the soundscape and information to gain a greater understanding of the animals, their environment and the conservations issues involved. We do many projects where it is important that, once installed, the client will not need to request future assistance with the equipment. Both Yamaha and WORKproCA products provide that reliability and we are planning to use more of both in future projects.”

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